Our Logos

Like most companies, we are kind of picky about the use of our marks.  We are providing the Learfield Style Guide for your information and direction on the correct “look” and use of our logo and corporate marks.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


Download Learfield Style Guide

Learfield Primary Mark CMYK jpg

Learfield Primary Mark 2 color jpg

Learfield Primary Mark CMYK png

Learfield Primary Mark all white png

Learfield Primary Mark all black png

Learfield Primary Mark on red png

Learfield Primary Mark on black png


Learfield Secondary Logo CMYK

Learfield Secondary Logo 2 color

Extended Business Lines:






ANC logo white tag (png)

ANC logo black tag (png)

ANC logo (EPS)








GoVision logo no tag (png)

GoVision logo tag (png)

GoVision logo (EPS)



Learfield Licensing logo (2 color png)

Learfield Licensing logo (2 color dark png)

Learfield Licensing logo (eps)


IMGLTS logo (png)




Paciolan logo (jpg)





SIDEARM logo Stacked (png)

SIDEARM logo (png)



SME Logo




SME logo RGB on white (png)

SME logo black/white (png)

SME logo (EPS)


Think Social-Cut Vinyl-8x40




Mogo logo (JPG)



Brownfield – 1320 x 285 pixels, 300 dpi

Agriculture Today – 1976 x 349 pixels, 300 dpi

Missourinet – 832 x 192 pixels

Radio Iowa – 901 x 179 pixels

Wisconsin Radio Network – 1839 x 528 pixels

Nebraska Radio Netwwork – 600 dpi

South Carolina Radio Network – 1272 x 267 pixels








Learfield Directors’ Cup